Click on the Registration tab, select the most appropriate form for your business, complete & submit. The three forms available are: Sole Trader, Partnerships & Limited companies. If you would like to discuss having an account at Flowervision London before you register, give us a call.
We are Trade only and will only accept people in the Floriculture and Horticulture Trade. This is to help and support the Industry. When applying for an account we generally ask for some business information.
We operate on a scaling delivery charge system, these terms are discussed on account application.
What do the abbreviations on our webshop mean?
IMP= Imported
EX= Extra Quality
A1, A2, B2, B1= All substandard Grade Roses
TR= Spray e.g. Rosa TR is Spray Rose
ST= Standard
What is the latest I can order for Next day Delivery from London Stock?
You can order from London Stock for Delivery until 10pm for delivery the following morning and collection up until 15:30pm for same day collection.
Can Florist Students apply for a Flowervision London account?
You can apply for a Flowervision London account if you are a Student at a Flower College and are on Level 3 of your course!


Vine Nurseries, Spout Lane,
Stanwell Moor, Middlesex, TW196BN

Tel: 01753 765970


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Monday - Friday 6am - 15:30pm (Excluding Bank Holidays)
Saturday 6am - 11am
Sunday: CLOSED